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Seamless 4mm Wide Warm White 2700k COB LED Strip Lights | 24V | 6W



  • Wattage : 6w Per Metre
  • Lumens per metre : 600
  • Colour Temperature : 2700k
  • Maximum Single Length : 5m
  • CRi : >90
  • PCB Width : 4mm
  • Cut Points : 50mm
  • Operating Voltage : 24v
  • Backing Tape : 3M 200LSE



At just 4mm wide this Seamless LED Strip is a perfect, discreet lighting solution or for building into furniture.  It can easily be surface mounted as it's low profile is both unobtrusive and elegant. There is no real need for an aluminium profile as there is no visible PCB, no visible LED's and no spotting.  

It is a vertical bend design but because of it's size there are no solder free connectors available - it must be soldered on the underside.

It operates at 24V and a maximum of 6w per metre and if powered from one end the maximum single length is 5m, however if you want a longer length we can make this for you but you will need to provide power to both ends.

It is compatible with any of our HaloLED controls

Line4 has a 3M adhesive backing for easy installation.

The LED's in this product are specially selected to give an even colour consistency along the whole length - (3 step Macadam). 

3 year Warranty




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