ProStrip240 High Power No Spotting LED Strip | 24V 20w Cool White 5800K (Per Metre)

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Key Product Info:

Cool White LED Strip Lights 24v LED Strip Lights 20 Watts

Product Description

If you're looking for an ultra-bright, high-density LED strip designed specifically for demanding applications, then ProStrip240 is the only choice. 

No Spotting LED Tape

ProStrip240 creates no spotting thanks to 240 LEDs per metre. Even in shallow aluminium profiles, this will create a smooth and very bright light output. Like all high power LED strips it is important that it is mounted onto a metal surface, this not suitable for direct mounting onto wood or plastic. 

Commercial Grade

To be able to operate reliably over years, ProStrip240 uses an ultra wide 12mm PCB with a 3oz triple layer copper PCB to properly manage the heat and provide reliable performance. This also allows a long run length of 10m.

ProStrip240 uses VHB (very high bond) adhesive tape to ensure an extremely robust fixing that you can rely on.

This version is Cool White, 5800K.


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