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Seamless PRO6 Side Bending LED | 24v | 2700k

Seamless PRO6 give a continuous, even 6mm light along the whole length. No diffuser or aluminium profile is required.

It's only 6mm wide, slim and compact making it perfect for embedding in a routed channel - it's horizontal flexibility means you can easily route it around curves for great creative effects - easy to build into furniture or displays.

It can be inserted into routed channels or glued into position using a silicon adhesive and we supply it to you as a complete unit, cut to length with end caps fitted and sealed and a generous 2m input cable - please note this product is NOT suitable for home soldering and assembly.

As it has a Silicon coating, it's fully waterproof so can be used indoors or out.

It operates at 24V and a has a maximum single length of 10m, however if you want a longer length we can make this for you but you will need to provide power to both ends.

It is compatible with any of our HaloLED controls

You can get an instant quote for a fully bespoke system here.