10m Reel No Solder 120 LED | Commercial Grade | 4200k | 24V | 9.6w

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Key Product Info:

Natural White LED Strip Lights 24v LED Strip Lights 9.6 Watts

Product Description


  • Wattage : 9w Per Metre
  • Lumens per metre : 1000
  • Colour Temperature : 4200k
  • Maximum Single Length : 10m
  • CRi : >90
  • PCB Width : 10mm
  • Cut Points : 50mm
  • Operating Voltage : 24v
  • Backing Tape : 3M VHB



An evolution in LED strip design. The on-board connectors mean that soldering or connection systems become a thing of the past - just strip the cable, twist the wire and push into the on board connector!

Corners are no longer a problem - it doesn't matter whether the strip is mounted flat or vertically, just mount the strip on the walls, align the edges near the corner and complete the corner joint using a piece of solid core wire to produce a neat finish with no twisting or bending of the LED Strip.

The offset LED's mean that the cables can be run along the face of the Advantage LED Strip or you can choose to introduce power anywhere along the length of the strip.  

It also has a heavy duty PCB for optimised thermal control and a generous 10m single run length as well as the excellent 3M VHB (very high bond) adhesive tape to provide a lasting adhesive joint, to provide the complete package.

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Natural White LED Strip Lights 24v LED Strip Lights 9.6 Watts