HaloLED Rechargeable Wall Controller for Adjustable White LED Strip

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Product Description

A wall mounted touch switch for single zone control of Colour Temperature Adjustable  LED Strip or Lamps. Easy to install as it's completely wire free - it is charged from a standard mini USB socket on the side which provides enough power for several months of use between charges.

Features a touch sensitive colour temperature slider and a memory for easy recall of a preset colour and dimming level.

Easy to pair to Halo3 receivers - set the receiver to pairing mode and just press POWER ON - that's it. You can use this switch to control multiple Halo30 receivers but remember they will all operate at the same time and in the same way. If you want individual control over each length then you will need a Multi Zone switch.

It's a standard size lamp switch facia plate but it does not need a back box as it can just be stuck into place using double sided pads (supplied) or fixed using screws as the back plate can be separated from the front panel.

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