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HaloLED AppLink V2.0 Wifi LED Control Bridge

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APPlink creates a bridge between the HaloLED system components and your Wifi setup. It allows full control of all HaloLED receivers from your Smartphone and allows quick and detailed creation of multiple scenes. You only need APPlink if you wish to control lighting using your Smartphone.

Download the free App (iOS or Android) and then you have full control of all items in your HaloLED system - turn on and off/ dim , change colour, set timers and create scenes - all easily achieved on your smartphone.

APPlink works alongside any other controls you wish to have, so for example you could have smartphone and Wall Controllers on the same system, everything works seamlessy together so for example, any scenes created on the App will be automatically transferred to the other paired controllers within the system. If you wish to add another smartphone, then there is no need to recreate the setup - just download the APP and log on - all the settings and scene created on the other phone will automatically transfer to the second smartphone.


One of the great features on APPlink is the ability to create scenes - this is when you can set several different types of lighting in a room to operate at different levels - so for example, you may have a "cleaning" scene where everything is on full, whereas you might want some lighting to be off and other parts to operate at lower levels in the evening. Easy with scenes. The APPlink software allows you to create up to 8 scenes and then to create schedules when they will operate automatically - these can be daily or selected days and you have complete control over the on / off times.

APPlink can accept any power input between 5 to 24v but is supplied as standard with a 5v micro USB cable.