Bathroom Strip Lights


Stylish and efficient <b>bathroom LED strip lights</b> can transform the look of your space and reduce your annual electricity bill. LED lights are known for having a huge life span and very minimal energy consumption.<br><br>Our LED bathroom strip lights range is also great when used in areas such as mirrors and we offer several such products as well as a wide variety of wall and ceiling lights. If you would like to switch things up, take a look at our range of splash-proof colour changing LED tape (IP65 rated) products.&nbsp;<br><br>Bathrooms are often multi-functional spaces and versatile for handling different demands. That's why the bathroom lighting you choose is so important; so that it can accommodate detail-orientated tasks while also providing a soothing ambience when you simply want to relax.<br><br><span style="font-weight: bold;">Fully Waterproof IP67 rated LED Strip Lights Coming Soon <br></span><br>Waterproof LED Lighting for Bathrooms, we can supply LEDs designed for use in these humid and wet environments. The LEDs are encapsulated in a waterproof (usually IP67) enclosure to ensure the LEDs themselves do not come into contact with water.<br>