Seamless LED Strip

The Seamless range offers an uninterrupted line of light in Single Colour, Adjustable White or RGB Colour Changing versions allowing you to bring your room to life. 

Seamless ranges are supplied with power cables and corner cables which can be soldered to your exact requirements. The Seamless PRO can be fitted with flexible and rigid aluminium mountings which offers great versatility when installing for a neat & professional finish. 

It’s supplied with a standard 3 year warranty against failure - our factories are all audited by local  staff to ensure quality standards remain high.  

  • PRO6

    Seamless PRO6 give a continuous, even 6mm light along the whole length. It's only 6mm wide, slim and compact making it perfect for embedding in a routed channel - it's horizontal flexibility means you can easily route it around curves for great creative effects - easy to build into furniture or displays.

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  • PRO10

    Seamless PRO10 give a continuous, even light along the whole length. It's only 10mm square with a domed top making it perfect for use in areas where it's visible whilst it's Silicon construction means it's fully protected against moisture or the rigours of cleaning.

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