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120 LED's - just £3.50/m


Made in one of best equipped factories in China, Tradestrip is made on a continuous PCB -for maximum reliability with excellent prices.

It's perfect for smaller installations, it is easy to connect using solder free GRIPPA connectors

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NEW - NoSpotting LED Strip

Amazing - no spotting whatsoever., this is the latest innovation in LED Strip - no visible spotting means lno need to use profiles and and more flexibility in how LED Strip is used.

As narrow as 4mm wide, we have a range to suit most applications. We have 2 styles of NoSpot - horizontal and vertical bending - which you need depends on how you want to use it - they can be fitted into routed slots, surface mounted or placed into aluminium profile if you prefer.

NoSpot can be used with all our control and dimming systems and we have models suitable for use indoors or out.

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 Quality RGBW from £8.00/m

Thousands of colours including with RGB&W LED Strip.

Our 24v RGBW LED strip lighting offers a much greater range of colours than simple RGB - pastel colours and and true whites.

ColourStrip works perfectly with our PowerSmart integrated power and control units.

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Drywall Plaster In Profiles

Our ever popular plaster in profiles Create a professional finish to enhance any room.  Perfect for creating that subtle and seamless finish for your LED lighting.

The profiles are machined to ensure the plaster holds and does not flake and crack.

Inclusive of diffuser and end caps, end caps also available separately should you need to cut down the profile for more sections.

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If you need a custom assembly then we can help. Get in touch with our Custom Team who will be happy to help.

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Controls - Amazon, Philips Hue, Google

We have interfaces for all types of Smart Speaker or we can supply our own Smart control system which can be controlled via a Smartphone APP if required. It's easy to build and install these systems as they are all wireless.


Graham Butler


Maxilux were great from start to finish, I had an idea of how I would like my kitchen to look, but could not work out what I required. They talked me through everything required and helped me understand the installation process, I decided to ask them to produce a full assembly of the strip as my soldering skills are not the best. All parts were delivered quickly and were clearly labelled, which made installation so easy.

Naz And Jimmy


Having spent ages looking for the perfect lighting for our dream extension, we ordered the power supplies, controllers and LED strips from Maxilux. We went so for as to order the LED strips from a high end brand for comparison and my electrician boyfriend decided Maxilux’s product was actually better. The service has been amazing and can’t fault the products. It all looked complicated but was surprisingly easy to install and all work like a dream. We’ll definitely continue sourcing materials for our ongoing project from Maxilux. Thanks for the great customer service and products. Naz and Jimmy 🛠☺️☺️💡💡

Advantage Solderless Range

An evolution in LED strip design. The on-board connectors mean that soldering  becomes a thing of the past - just strip the cable, twist the wire and push into the on board connector!
Corners are no longer a problem - it doesn't matter whether the strip is mounted flat or vertically, just mount the strip on the walls, align the edges near the corner and complete the corner joint using a piece of solid core wire to produce a neat finish with no twisting or bending of the LED Strip.

Solder free range
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