Bespoke LED Strip Lighting Systems


A made to measure - LED System

Use our tools to create systems with multiple sections, smart controls, aluminium profiles - everything you need to make it work. We cut it, solder it, test it and seal it - all controls are set up and it's ready to fit - best of all it doesn't even cost much!

Living room with LED Lights

Colour Changing LED Strip

Colour Changing LED Strip with Real White (RGBW): When you spend time and effort on designing a room, on selecting the right shades of paint and fabric, then why compromise with your light colour? With our RGBW LED Strip Lights you get both the vivid colours AND the real white to create pastel shades to suit your room or mood, or just simply, white.

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White LED Strip

White LED strips come in a range of colour temperatures from a very warm light (2400k) up to a cleaner cool white (6000k). There's no right and wrong, it's down to personal preferences and to the colours in your room. 

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Adjustable White LED Strip

If you want have control over the colour temperature of your white LED strip, then you should opt for an Adjustable White LED or CCT strip. CCT strip enables the user to change the colour temperature from cool white (6000k) to a warm white (2400k) all packaged to to one strip. 

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Outdoor LED Strip

Outdoor LED Strip is IP67 Rated which means this LED Strip can be used outdoors and indoors and is fully protected from water and dust. 

It will be supplied to you as a complete system cut to your requirements, all ends sealed with interconnecting leads, power supply and controls as required - a fully operational system. 

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